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Corporate Info
About Us
Since its inception in 1990, Bhoj Caterer has been serving mouth-watering Bengali delicacies. At a time, when everyone in the catering industry is exploring exotic cuisines, Bhoj has not only maintained its profile of serving authentic Bengali dishes but has also enhanced the quality by bringing in new innovations to it. Be it the fish munia or fish florentine or the rare bhetki fish, Bhoj serves it all.

Quality Assurance
Bhoj Caterer was born after a great deal of research by its owner, Bijoy Bose. The combination of care, quality and innovation has made Bhoj a success story, so much so that almost all the dignitaries, celebrities, politicians and sports personalities of Kolkata are part of its clientele. Today, Bhoj Caterer has become a symbol that stands for status, class and unmatched taste.

Mr. Bose’s conscious decision of not venturing into any other cuisine has given him the liberty and time to improvise and augment the good old Bengali cuisine. Not only has he succeeded in doing that, he has also created a place for Bhoj in the catering circle of Kolkata that is unprecedented in its history by delivering quality service, innovation, trust and uniqueness.

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